Improving Your Immunity System

Melatonin is significant for the proper functioning of your body. The pineal gland releases this hormone; it’s the small endocrine gland which is also known as the third eye.

Researchers conclusively established that melatonin plays a crucial role for boosting immunity.

How did they do that? They conducted experiments which included pinealectomy along with rhythmic synchronisation. While the former is the procedure of removing the pineal gland, the latter analysis sees how your body works in the absence of melatonin.

pineal gland and the immune system
pineal gland and the immune system

The results helped the scientists conclude that there is a common functionality between the synthesis of melatonin and your immunity system.

Hence, now the question is, do you need to actually buy melatonin supplements and consume them? And, why is that?

Reasons to take melatonin supplements:


It is something that happens to your body when it starts ageing. Your immunity starts degrading and functionally works less than it should do.

Besides age, other factors for immunosenescence are a decrease in peripheral thymus cells along with a loss in B-cells. The two cells help in providing immunity to your body. Thus, degradation in their functioning can lead to serious health problems.

However, researchers found an increase in melatonin level in the blood has lead to an increase in production of the T cells and B cells. Thus, melatonin acts as your body’s guardian that protects you against immunosenescence.


Melatonin is an excellent agent of antioxidant that can fight radicals in your body. There’s something known as the blood-brain barrier where the cells are tightly held together. Hence, no antioxidants can cross that barrier. However, melatonin becomes the one that can do so and prevents the entry of toxic substances in your brain as a result.

Also, melatonin hormones can prevent cancer cells’ growth effectively. It can also help your body endure immunosuppression at times of chemotherapy. Thus, ensure your body has sufficient melatonin. If not, then give a boost through the intake of its supplements.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Scientists took a long time to find out whether køb melatonin has any effect on bowel movements or not. However, they finally concluded that the hormone has a  regulatoryrole-play in this as well. They showed how patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease improved with a boost in their melatonin level through supplements in 30-days.

It was also seen the supplements helped in cutting down inflammatory infiltrates or dystrophy to 88.8%, further ensuring its effect on improving colonic mucosa.

Natural Killer cells

Also known as Killer cells or the K-cells, they have a significant role to play in providing immunity. They are a type of WBC or White Blood Cells and are very similar to cytotoxic T-cells that can kill other infected cells.

However, the NK cells are often redundant in a human body. It’s also been found that melatonin has a direct effect on TH1 priming that enhances the growth of killer cells.

You can see how the NK cells are essential for providing immunity and melatonin playing a part in it. Thus, doctors suggest you buy melatonin supplements for oral consumption to boost the secretion of K-cells.

Hence, the natural melatonin sleep tablets can help you lead a healthy life by strengthening your immune system.