How has the Camel Cashmere Pashmina become a Trend?

Camel cashmere pashmina is very trendy in the market right now because this generation is in love with the nude colour. Be it lipstick, heels, bags, dresses or pashminas; people are always falling for nudes. Before getting more into the pashmina section, let’s discuss the attires you can complement a camel shawl with.

Outfits for various occasions

Pashminas are not only used as wraps to feel warm but also plays a significant role when it comes to fashion. So, here are a few suggestions for you.

Casual hangouts

For casual outings, how about the Sleeveless Swing Top or the Floral Off Shoulder Top paired with denim shorts? That’ll make a perfect outfit for a sudden meet up with friends or a weekend planned with colleagues. And to make the entire look flawless, place a shawl around your neck. That’s picture perfect, right?

camel cashmere pashmina

Parties and dinner dates

If you are invited to a party this weekend, look no further for apparels! You must try out the Travelers Classic Essential Reversible Tank or any Travelers Classic Solid Tunic. Not only you’ll look stunning in either of them, but also they will emit an aura of grace and elegance. And do not forget to carry your pashmina to add the classic touch.


The blue family goes well with the camel. So, for luncheons or a breakfast meeting, go for a Lace Sleeved Shift Dress or the Sleeveless Frill Hem Dress, because undoubtedly, either of these will perfectly complement your camel cashmere pashmina. However, if you think a dress is not the right option for this occasion, you can try out the Lace Trim Tunic along with a pair of denim jeans.

Work purposes

Workplaces do not welcome heavy makeup or bright dress up. So, why not keep it simple? Avoid dark colours and go for beige. You can check out a Bardot Valeria Sleeveless Sheath Dress or a Jamie Lace Sheath Dress. Either of them will look flawless on you but do not miss out on the camel wrap because camel pashmina and a beige dress is the best combination ever.

Pashmina- the evergreen piece of styling

Do you know why pashmina scarves are so unique?

Well, cashmere pashminas were initially from Kashmir. They were woven out of the most beautiful wool combed from the Himalayan mountain goat. The yarn was so delicate that people referred to pashminas as “soft gold”.

Gradually, pashminas became famous and took over the entire fashion world in no time. Now, they are made from various materials. However, a pure pashmina can be differentiated due to its delicate touch. And ever since then, pashminas have been of high demand.

So, what are you wondering about? Get your cashmere pashmina and flaunt it in any crowd you wish to because no matter what, you will attract ample numbers of eyeballs. Hope these suggestions were helpful, but you can make alterations because after all, it’s your call what you want to wear. Just keep one thing in mind, comfort is style. Hence, pick the outfit you are most comfortable!

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