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Dear Jim,
What can I do for my allergies this Fall? I always get hayfever from goldenrod and ragweed and I do not like to take antihistamines! From – Michelle

Dear Michelle –
It works best to prevent allergy and hay fever by getting a constitutional remedy early in the year. Also I have patients take homeopathic ragweed (like cures like) for several doses before the season starts. If symptoms do arise I recommend the remedy that fits your symptoms, perhaps Melatonin Håndkøb, or Euphrasia. Histaminum 30 can be taken as needed, too. – Jim

Allergy Prevention

Allergy Prevention

March is the latest I suggest that Spring Allergy sufferers wait to take a preventive for the grass and tree pollens that start to emerge in the early Spring. Although good constitutional treatment is the best preventive, there is research to show that taking doses of homeopathically prepared allergens, like pollen, can greatly reduce sensitivity and reactions to the seasonal cause of itching, sneezing and nasal discharges. Allergy is a common cause of asthma and bronchial cough as well.

Allergy is thought to be related to the miasm, Psora, and many will benefit by miasmatic treatment to really get at the underlying cause of the problem. Miasms are inherited weaknesses, first conceived of by Samuel Hahanemann, which predispose each of us to disease of differing types and amounts. It is never wise to treat these deep health issues without the help of an experienced homeopath.

I have always been amazed at the phenomenon that allows one person to be extremely debilitated by microscopic particles of dust and cat hair and pollen etc. while another walks free of any perception of their presence. More frequently now I hear of someone who has developed pollen allergies at a late age (40 or 50!) who had never before been sensitive.

Suppressive drugs

Millions of people worldwide are on suppressive drugs such as Allegra, Claritin and steroids to deal with seasonal (and year-round) allergies. The Homeopathic alternative is constitutional and miasmatic treatment to prevent the allergic tendency and raise the immunity. To this I sometimes add a prophylactic dose of the regional pollens to be taken weekly for 4 weeks before the allergy season starts. Since different regions in the US are affected by pollens from different species of grass and trees you will want to take a homeopathic preparation that is customized to your geographic area.

Taking a few doses of pollen in the month before allergy season starts may allow your system to create some immunity. Much better to prevent than to try to treat symptoms as they arise! Although you can still make a dent in allergy symptoms using remedies, as needed, I think that prevention is preferable.

Remedies for everyone

There are many remedies to fit the many people who have acute allergy symptoms. The most common ones are Ars. Alb, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Nat Mur, Sabadilla, Arundo, and Nux Vom. You must decide which of these are the most similar to your individual symptoms. Another creative way to get through the season is to use Histaminum, to reduce the histamine reactions the body naturally creates to protect itself when it perceives a foreign protein. I have seen Histaminum 30c or 200c help in many histamine related conditions like hay fever, asthma, and hives.

May your life be free of allergies!!

If ragweed and goldenrod allergies cause you distress in August and September you might be helped prophylactically by taking the remedy AMBROSIA (Latin name for ragweed) BEFORE the allergy season. Start as early in July as you can with weekly doses (1 × a week) for 4 weeks. I have many patients who swear by this “vaccine” and are able to forego Allegra and Claritin, etc. every late summer season.

Reminder for those who get Fall (Ragweed / Goldenrod) Allergies

An early reminder to mark your calendar for early July to take the fall allergy prevention. Starting one month before symptoms usually commence seems to allow many people to significantly reduce their reactions to the pollen. Some people get symptoms in the Fall like sinus infections, headaches and sore throat, but don’t know that pollen is the cause Ambrosia is the homeopathic remedy made from Ragweed and is very helpful as part of the allergy prevention program. Like Cures Like!!

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