A Sound Immune System is the Key to Maintaining Good Health

The sound immune system is the key to maintaining good human health. The purpose of this system is to fight the toxic substances including various bacteria, fungi, virus etc.

That’s why people rightly describe human body to be always “at war”. So, to defend against this constant stream of toxins and infections, the immune system comes into 2 broad groups:

  • Acquired Immune System
  • Innate Immune System

Each of these plays a significant role in promoting good health. However, due to several factors, immunity tends to weaken which led to various diseases and disorders.

organs immune system
organs immune system

How is melatonin related to immunity?

Generally, melatonin is useful for the ones who suffer from the chronic sleeping disorder. With the pioneering discovery of melatonin supplement, patients can subsist with an improved immune system.

A few decades, scientists carrying experiments on rhythmic synchronisation and pinealectomy were efficacious in proving the connection between immunity and melatonin. Therefore, doctors often recommend patients to buy melatonin supplement for boosting up their immune system.

Here are the following imperative actions of melatonin on the human immune system:

Superb Anti-oxidant agent

Melatonin supplement functions similar to that of natural melatonin produced in the epiphysis of the pineal gland. So, this magic pill also turns as a super anti-oxidant to remove ROS and oxygen radicals.

Additionally, oral administration of melatonin also caters to the stimulation of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), which in turn, triggers the secretion of thyrotropin hormone. Now, the latter plays a pivotal role in improving one’s metabolism.

Therefore, doctors often prescribe melatonin tabs for the patients in the late 50s for enhancing their metabolism.

Ameliorates NK cells activities

Natural killer cells, a type of WBC are well-established killers of varieties of tumour cells and virus-infected cells. However, humans oft fall victim to unwanted pathological conditions leading to a decrease in NK cell count.

As a potential regulator of the human immune system, the influence of melatonin supplement on natural killer cells is of great importance. Intake of melatonin helps in priming of Th1 cells enhancing the growth of natural killer cells.

A good solution to IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease, a curse in human life is relieved by the presence of therapeutic melatonin. Statistics say patients consuming melatonin tablets for thirty days have improved bowel movement and even less sore.

Moreover, these tabs also help in ameliorating colonic mucosa.

Wars against Cancer

Melatonin is a great warrior when it comes to fighting cancer. Cancer patients have a higher chance of survival when treated with sovepiller håndkøb hormone supplementation, when taken in conjunction with CBD oil. It lessens down the effects of chemotherapy and radiation helping the patients to have a life with no adverse effects.

Inhibits immunosenescence

This refers to the age-related declination of one’s immune system. It is a condition when a human body gradually loses peripheral T-cells and immature B-cells respectively.

So, doctors prescribe to buy melatonin as it cove in the stimulation of these following cells exhibiting immunosenescence.