A Peptide Hormone Used for Tanning Your Body

Melanotan is a cosmetically prepared peptide hormone which is used for tanning promotion in your body. This injectable peptide stimulates alpha-melanocyte receptors under your skin by increasing melanin content in your body. People with pale to fair complexion possess lower levels of melanin content and people with higher pigmentation level have darker skin. This product usage results in darkening of your skin due to multiplying brown pigments. Now the question is, how to use Melanotan in a correct way?

The procedure is very simple. But before you know Melanotan and then know how to  the process of Melanotan peptide usage, you need to know how to mix the component content provided in tanning peptide package.

How to mix the solution?

There are few steps and a precise ratio of product content which you need to follow before you sit to create the solution. A starter kit comprises of a sealed glass vial of powdered product, a glass bottle of sterile water, ultrafine syringes and alcohol wipes. You need to follow certain steps to make solution without taking it to its saturation point. If you maintain these solution mixing steps, it will definitely help you reduce effort of how to use Melanotan.

Provided steps are

  1. Take the Melanotan peptide vial and flip off the cap. Clean the vial surface with provided alcohol wipe.
  2. In a similar way, you need to wipe the bottled water surface with another alcohol wipe.
  3. Remember to use different wipes for cleaning both vials and discard it after use.
  4. Take a syringe out of the enclosed package. You need to make sure that the injectable vial of water is in an upright position.
  5. Now, very carefully, insert the syringe needle at the top of water vial or into its sidewall.
  6. Slowly pull syringe’s plunger and withdraw 1 ml of sterile water.
  7. After you take out water filled syringe, insert it into the vial of Melanotan peptide. Depress the plunger and let both components mix with each other.
  8. Do not disturb the prepared solution by shaking it.
  9. Store it in a cool place (fridge) until the solution is ready to be used.
  10. Do remember to put on the syringe cap and dispose it properly.

How to use Melanotan?

As you have already made a solution, next few steps stated below will help you to get answer of Melanotan peptide usage.

  1. Take a new syringe and pull the plunger to its maximum mark.
  2. Holding the solution vial in an upright position, insert the syringe needle and depress its plunger completely. This will help air pressure to get equalized inside the vial. It will result in an easier solution extraction.
  3. Turn the vial upside down leaving the syringe in place. Withdraw 0.1 ml of tanning solution.
  4. Take a fleshy portion of your body and wipe the area with an alcohol wipe.
  5. Squeeze and pull your skin holding your syringe at 90° like a pen. Quickly insert the needle and depress the syringe emptying the solution completely.

This is a proper way of how to use Melanotan to achieve that sun kissed bronze glow. Some excellent tanning products like Melanotan II give provision of starting kits with instruction booklet.

If you are wondering about its dosage quantity, you can go to genuine websites to get more information about it and finally buy the product from there. Apart from how to use Melanotan, you can get other useful information to get a beautiful sunless tan.